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An epic competition where brilliant software developers and tech enthusiasts come collaborate as teams to tackle tech challenges from discovery and ideation to proof-of-concept creation and execution.

It's time to push your limits and compete for the prestigious title of Best Developers in Vietnam, with a prize pool of up to VND 250.000.000!





September 14th, 2023
October 15th, 2023 Registration & HackerRank Quiz
& HackerRank Quiz
  • Registration: Register as a Team of 2-4 members maximum.
  • HackerRank Quiz: After registration, each team will receive a single HackerRank Quiz, which includes multiple questions about fundamental coding/programming knowledge and an Ideation question about Generative AI. Each team is required to complete only one test.
October 20th, 2023 Shortlisted Teams Announcement Shortlisted Teams

Teams that meet all eligibility requirements and pass the HackerRank Quiz will advance to the next rounds.


October 27th, 2023
November 3rd, 2023 Online Hack
Online Hack

Shortlisted teams can indicate their preference to participate in either a Tech Hack or an Innovation Hack on a first-come, first-served basic.

  • Tech Hack: Create an advanced working prototype to solve a complex technical challenge. The work will be finalized and presented in the Final Round.
  • Innovation Hack: Develop an innovative technical solution to solve a problem with a conceptual prototype. The work will be finalized and presented in the Final Round.
  • A sneak peek: Each team will be required to participate via Slack and submit a Lean Canvas Ideation, a Solution Architecture, and a Prototype / Concept Demo Video.
November 4th, 2023 Offline in Ho Chi Minh City Final Round &
Winning Teams Announcement
Final Round &
Winning Teams

All shortlisted teams will continue competing in the Final Round, which will take place offline in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • All shortlisted teams will complete the final code challenge, submit their final work, and make final presentations.
  • A panel of Judges and professional Mentors will be present at the Final Round to provide consultation and evaluation.

HackerRank Quiz and all the tech hacks are in English. During the Final Round, if it involves verbal communication and presentation, participants can choose to speak in Vietnamese or English based on their personal preference.


CodeFest Grand Prizes

6 Winning Teams Tech Hack Innovation Hack
1st Winning Team VND 60.000.000
VND 60.000.000
2nd Winning Team VND 40.000.000
VND 40.000.000
3rd Winning Team VND 20.000.000
VND 20.000.000

Prizes will be transferred to the Winning Teams in VND.


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